Valdespino Tres Cortados Medium 100cl
Valdespino Tres Cortados Medium 100cl
Moriles V.S. Alvear 75cl
Moriles V.S. Alvear 75cl

Alvear PX Solera 1830 50cl

Weinhaus Alvear, 14550 Montilla, Córdoba, Spanien
Weinregion Montilla-Moriles DO
Traubensorte(n) Pedro Ximénez
Weinstil Sherry; Pedro Ximenez
Alkoholgehalt 11.5%
Inhalt in l 0.5
Allergene enthält Sulfite
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bernsteinfarben, intensiv, tieffarbig


aussergewöhnlich langer Abgang, vollmundig


14-16° C


gereift, nussig, sauber, würzig


Datteln, Honig, kandierte Früchte, Lakritze, Mandeln, Mokka

100% Pedro Ximénez.

Hiervon werden seit 2018 neu nur noch gerade 375 Flaschen jährlich abgefüllt. Diese PX-Rarität wurde 1830 im Solera-Verfahren ins Leben gerufen. Ein PX-Solera, welcher - man höre und staune, 9 Jahre nach Napoléon Bonapartes Tod bereits seine Anfänge gefunden hat...

Wine Advocate #234 | Dez 2017 | Luis Gutierrez

The oldest and most concentrated sweet wine from Alvear is the NV Pedro Ximénez Solera 1830, a wine that cannot change despite this new bottling from January 2017, as it's so old, concentrated and sweet (480 grams of sugar per liter) that we wouldn't feel its evolution over our lifetime. I've tasted and described this wine before and it's as good, old and powerful as I remember it. The notes I mentioned before, noble woods, espresso coffee, vanilla and coconut are still there and so is the complex, velvety and fine palate, with a luscious and never-ending finish. Unfortunately what is changing with this wine is availability and price. 318 half bottles were produced. The price provided is for a half bottle.

Wine Advocate #208 | Aug 2013 | Luis Gutierrez

The NV Solera 1830 Pedro Ximenez is the oldest and most concentrated sweet wine from Alvear. It comes from a solera created in 1830 blended with other very old PXs and released in very small quantities (1,200 bottles every two years). The color is black and dense like melted chocolate with a bright amber edge. It has a nose of extreme concentration and age, noble woods, espresso coffee (make that a ristretto!), vanilla and coconut that I also find in the oldest sweet wines like Toneles from Valdespino or the 1946 PX from Toro Albala. Extraordinarily complex, velvety and fine. As the wine is so dense, during the concentration through age it actually loses alcohol, and it’s bottled at 11.5%. This wine could last forever. Drink 2013-2030.
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